At OCP, we undertake a range of planning and design coordination projects, from strategic planning and building feasibility studies to designer selection, ADA coordination, and capital project permits. At each state of planning, we evaluate and prioritize issues of design, sustainability, accessibility, optimal land use, fiscal responsibility, and neighborhood impact. Working on behalf of the Institute, we strive to cultivate a long-term vision that promotes the best possible environment for the fulfillment of MIT’s mission.

Planning Expertise

  • Campus framework
  • Sector plans
  • Department studies
  • Space planning and utilization
  • System plans

Architectural Expertise

  • Architectural programming     
  • Feasibility studies       
  • Project planning         
  • Siting studies

Design Expertise       

  • Urban design  
  • Architect and consultant selection     
  • Site planning
  • Landscape design
  • Design review

Liaison Activity          

  • City and state liaison and review coordination           
  • Permitting       
  • Community mitigation
  • Kendall Square Association
  • Cambridge Bicycle Committee

Governance Support