Zoom Rooms for Community Use

The Office of the Provost, in collaboration with the Office of Campus Planning, is piloting a new program to share meeting spaces across campus during the fall of 2022 and through May 2023. IS&T has partnered with Zoom’s Professional Services Organization to equip these spaces with Zoom Rooms solutions offering a consistent experience across diverse locations. A group of Schools and departments have made rooms available to the entire community for the duration of the pilot. 

These spaces are available to MIT staff, students, and faculty through reservations made via the Spaces feature within the MIT Atlas mobile application. Learn more about Zoom Rooms supported by IS&T.

Program features

  • Spaces included in the pilot offer a mix of meeting room locations and capacities. A variety of room types are available, including small and large conference rooms as well as a classroom.
  • Each space is equipped with self-service virtual collaboration technology, providing a consistent Zoom Rooms experience.

Reserve a Community Zoom Room

Rooms can be reserved using one of the following methods:

  • Using the Atlas mobile application, tap the Spaces feature and follow the prompts to select and reserve a meeting room. Reserving a space through the Atlas app automatically provides access to the building and room and schedules a Zoom meeting for the requestor to share.
  • Visit one of the rooms [link to map/list] and use the tablet console outside of the room to check availability and to reserve the room on the fly.

Help resources

  • For questions about reserving a Community Zoom Room or using the Spaces feature in the MIT Atlas app, contact the IS&T Service Desk 24/7 via phone at 617-253-1101 or email.
  • For questions or problems with the hardware in a Community Zoom Room, contact Zoom support at 617-795-3436.

Share your experience with the pilot team

During the pilot, the pilot team is eager to hear from members of the community regarding your experience reserving, accessing, and using these shared meeting spaces. Let us know how you used the space, and please share any comments you have regarding the reservation tools, amenities in the room, and ease of locating and accessing the rooms. All comments about the current pilot or ideas for the future use of shared meeting spaces are welcomed. 

Room locations and capacities

Community Zoom Room Map

Room Type
3-108  Collaboration Space
Office of the Provost
3-329  Conference Room
Department of Architecture
9-217  Classroom
Department of Urban Studies & Planning
11-103  Conference Room
Student Financial Services
16-275  Conference Room
Biological Engineering
31-135  Conference Room
Mechanical Engineering
31-270  Conference Room
Mechanical Engineering, Aero/Astro
E17-136  Classroom
Comparative Media Studies
E38-572 Conference Room Small 10 Innovation HQ
NE49-5008  Conference Room
Human Resources
NW23-050  Conference Room
Campus Services and Stewardship