About the Community Zoom Rooms Pilot

This pilot emerged as a recommendation of the P-CRSP Working Group (Planning Subcommittee of the Committee for Renovation and Space Planning) convened by The Task Force 2021 and Beyond. Over the course of the pandemic, our MIT community developed new ways to gather for collaborative meetings. This working group was charged with investigating opportunities for our campus meeting spaces to support these new ways of working and meeting.
The P-CRSP working group, made up of administrative and academic leaders across campus, investigated the inventory of meeting spaces, considered attributes for a reservation system, articulated policies to more easily allow departments to share meeting spaces, and identified a group of rooms for a pilot program. The rooms in the pilot are distributed across campus and assigned to a cross-section of MIT Schools and departments. They offer a mix of sizes, are located on public routes, and are easily accessible. 

Working Group members

  • Chair: Joe Higgins, Vice President for Campus Services and Stewardship
  • Raymond Ashoori, School of Science/Physics*
  • Susanna Baker, Sloan
  • Olu Brown, IS&T 
  • Peter Cummings, Office of the Dean for Student Life
  • Bill Fitzgerald, Alumni Association
  • Marco Gomes, IS&T 
  • Alexia Hudson-Ward, Libraries
  • Tim Jamison, former Chair, Associate Provost 
  • Ted Johnson, Institute Events
  • Angelita Mireles, School of Engineering/DMSE 
  • Seth Mnookim, SHASS/CMS
  • Frances Neville, Associate Provost’s Office
  • Jen O’Brien, SA+P/Arch 
  • Robin Palazzolo, SHASS 
  • Georgia Perakis, Sloan and SCC/ORC
  • Brent Ryan, SA+P/DUSP 
  • Brian Shannon, Associate Provost’s Office
  • John Sterman, Sloan*
  • Kate Trimble, Office of the Vice Chancellor/ELO
  • Pam Walcott, Associate Registrar
  • Sarah Williams, School of Architecture + Planning/DUSP*

* Member of the Faculty Committee on Campus Planning