Consultant Qualification Program

The MIT Offices of Campus Planning, Campus Construction, Utilities & Maintenance, and Infrastructure Business Operations jointly manage a Consultant Qualification Program to identify and prequalify professional design and consulting service providers for the planning and renovation of facilities infrastructure on MIT’s 163-acre campus consisting of 12.6 million square feet and 152 buildings.

This Consultant Qualification Program broadly solicits and prequalifies firms for upcoming MIT design and engineering projects, and positions MIT for design excellence through the selection of highly qualified, cost-effective consultants. Requests for Qualification are issued by discipline and, in some cases, by project type.

It is the intent of the program to broadly solicit firms in an open call for qualifications. Firms are encouraged to respond to more than one RFQ in the event that they seek work in multiple service areas.

We look forward to meeting new firms and refreshing our acquaintance with firms we have worked with before.

Open RFQs

Information on open RFQs is provided below. RFQs are submitted online via the eBuilder link provided for each RFQ. Download the instruction document and associated forms. Fill out the documents in advance and upload them to the eBuilder form in the fields provided. 

Submit questions via email

Please note that we will be unable to answer phone calls regarding these solicitations. Please submit questions via email. Note the deadline for submitting technical and substantive questions for each RFQ below. Responses will be posted on this page as noted below.

RFQ #  RFQ Subject Due Date  Status  Materials
RFQ203 Architectural Services for Lab Design Renovations 8/24/2018
(Noon EST)
 Open See below

RFQ203: Architectural Services for Lab Design renovations

  • The period for submitting questions concluded on July 25, 2018. View questions and answers document.
  • December 2018 update: We received a robust response to RFQ 203 and, due to the high volume of responses, the committee anticipates that submittal reviews will continue through January 2019. Firms will then be notified via email of decisions and, where applicable, next steps. We greatly appreciate the time and effort undertaken by firms in preparing their submittals.

Instructions and reference documents:

  • RFQ203 Instructions (PDF)
  • Architectural Services MDA and Release (PDF)
  • Supplemental Questions and Answers document, responding to specific queries received regarding RFQ 203 (PDF)

Forms to download and fill out (see instructions document for details):

  • Section C Firm Information offline worksheet (PDF form)
  • D1.03 General Experience spreadsheet (Excel)
  • E2.01 Rates spreadsheet (Excel)

Submission portal: Click here to submit your RFQ via the eBuilder online portal

  • Note that once you begin to fill out the eBuilder form, you must complete and submit the form in one session. The form does not allow you to save your submission in progress and return later. To assist you with this process, we have provided worksheets for you to prepare information in advance.